Workshops T&Cs

1. Payment for all Boreas Healing events such as workshops, retreats and 1-2-1 personal
sessions must be paid in full before the event starts.

2. 100% refunds can only be issued if a cancellation is made at least seven days from the day of
the workshop.

3. NO REFUNDS will be issued if a cancellation is requested within 7 days of the agreed

4. Certain costs such as ice delivery need to be confirmed weeks before the event date is
scheduled. If any costs by Boreas Healing have been paid out (Ice, venue etc.) and then a
cancellation request is made, costs will be accounted for and will not be refunded. This is the
case even if cancellation occurred outside of the 7-day period.

5. All participants must sign health questionnaires and personal liability forms. If forms are not
completed and signed, participants may not be able to take part in any aspect of the event.
Refusal to complete forms will also void any refund request.

6. A refund can only be made within 7 days of cancellation if official documentation such as a
doctors note or police document directly expresses that due to official circumstances, the
participant can no longer attend. If any costs have already been paid by Boreas Healing in
order to facilitate the event, then these funds will not be refunded.

7. Any personal items whether held in person or on/in personal property such as a car parked
on site is the personal liability of each participant and Boreas Healing will take no liability in
any loss, theft or damage of property.

8. Private and corporate events must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to the agreed start
date of the event.

9. Upon booking, details such as an appropriate working space, working water source and
facilities are agreed upon with Boreas Healing that these facilities will be appropriate and in
working order. If Boreas Healing arrives at the site on the agreed date and facilities are not
appropriately suitable. I.E, water source is not working, a specific space that was agreed
upon is now different and now too small, etc. A refund or reduction in fee will not be given
under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the individual or company booking in
Boreas Healing that the minimum requirements are met.

10. All equipment and props such as yoga mats, blankets, eye pillow etc. Are owned by Boreas
Healing and is made available for Boreas Healing participants to use during the event.
Participants may not take away any equipment or props.

11. Considerable energy and care are put into Boreas Healing events and every care is given to
provide a powerful, valuable experience. All individuals are different. Refunds will not be
given to anyone who feels they did not benefit from any of the methods or techniques
shown or used.

12. Photos and video content is taken of the event and this footage is then shared with the
company/individuals via a secure file sharing service. This footage may also be used for
social media and marketing purposes. It is up to the company/individual to opt out if they do
not want any media files shared or sent.