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Breathwork & Cold Immersion Therapy for private groups and events

Breathwork & Cold Therapy Instructor in Northampton

At Boreas Healing, we assure a safe environment for you and your team to learn the power breathwork & cold therapy. We introduce awareness techniques and exercises that can be implemented in the workplace and in day-to-day life.

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Breathwork & Cold Therapy - Private Group Events

Increase your focus, performance and productivity!

We integrate fundamentals of cold exposure and power breathing method with shamanic drum meditation and yoga practices to bring bespoke, field-focused workshops tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Whether your goal is to target stress, increase focus, boost productivity or enhance recovery and improve mobility, our classes will be amended to the requirements of your group.

The event will incorporate powerful, natural techniques that will engage multiple aspects of mind, body and spirit. The techniques are not forced and every participant has full control during the teachings. 

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My experience was overwhelmingly positive, joyful and a bliss.

I've booked Dan and his team twice to run his workshops at my place in Lincolnshire, I will be booking them again. Each time has been truly amazing and just boggles my mind as to what we are capable of with such simple things as breathing. I simply felt connected to something, something that felt missing or something I knew I needed to spend more time on, so I will be doing more.

Matthew Frost,

Function First Dojo & Lincolnshire Flotation Tanks & Cryotherapy

The methods were beautiful and the feeling genuine.

As a trauma informed BACP registered Psychotherapist (who also happens to be a PT and Pilates instructor) I went with an open mind and an open heart.Whilst the specific breathing method itself is new to me and I have NEVER done an ice bath before.  I was pleasantly surprised that as we progressed through the other elements it seemed to be bringing a lot of my life’s work together.

Angela Westbrook,

BACP Registered Psychotherapist of 'Look After Yourself LN5'

Daniel's work is transformative and deeply healing.

His ice experiences engage body, spirit and mind and as you learn how it feels to be comfortable in discomfort you will definitely be reminded of your own inner power to choose how to respond to life instead of reacting. Daniel is competent, supportive and knowledgeable. He creates a safe and warm space where all emotions are welcome and contained. His heart is in what he does and I highly recommend his workshops.

Annalisa Howes,

Psychotherapist & Complementary Therapist of Btrue2u

Passionate, energetic, calming, knowledgable and empowering.

I believe anyone who has been on a transformation day will be able to relate to those words. Whether your an athlete looking for the health benefits of breath work, someone looking to challenge themselves mentally through the ice experience or someone just looking to learn more about themselves then this is a safe and encouraging environment to do it in.

Tony Davis,

Total Dojo & Enigma Performance Coaching

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Group Events for Corporate

Improve the quality of work and personal life

Our Fundamental Workshops for corporate and business help individuals address stress, burnout, anxiety, performance and motivation issues. Our workshops will spread awareness about the importance of optimal mental and physical health in the corporate environment.

Our sessions educate and empower, with benefits including increased immunity and energy levels, improvement of sleep hygiene and mental clarity. We will introduce breathing exercises and techniques, mindset-focus training and optional cold exposure.

Conscious breathwork is a powerful key to our health, well-being and inner peace.
During the practice, your group will learn how to incorporate breathing techniques and cold therapy safely by themselves in a day-to-day manner.

Our team offers simple, conscious optimisation exercises that can be implemented within and outside of the workplace.

Enhanced creativity

Improved performance

More focus and mental clarity

Stress reduction

Better sleep

Faster recovery from physical exertion

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Group Events for Sports Clubs

Take back control and improve your performance

Our workshops for sports clubs focus on deep powerful breathing exercises, cold therapy and mind-body connection. These basics highly impact performance both in sports and in personal life.

During our classes, we will address chronic tiredness, muscle and joint pain relief and management of stress and anxiety in sports.

Frequent exposure to cold is linked to a number of incredible health benefits. Scientific research proved that consistent practice of cold exposure increases the immune response to pathogens, helps your body to promptly recover from different forms of physical exercises and improves overall athletic performance and mobility.

Breathing practices we’ll learn together induce a short stress response which will ultimately lead to more resilience towards stress in sports and every day.

During our workshops, we’ll dive deep into the underlying physiology of
Breath of Fire. We will help you tap into your deepest potential and create a daily practice at home to optimise both your physical performance and mental hygiene.

Increased energy levels

Faster recovery

Reduced stress

Greater cold tolerance

Better sleep quality

Increased determination and willpower

An ice bath supervised by a Wim Hof Certified instructor for a private group event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breathwork & Cold Immersion Therapy Workshopsfor corporate and private bookings

1. What is The Boreas Transformation Experience?

Powerful breathwork and cold therapy are a form of natural optimisation of your body and mind through continuous practice. Both cold exposure and breathwork are a core of The Boreas Transformation Experience and provide numerous benefits. You can experience an overall improvement in physical and mental health and relieve symptoms from chronic autoimmune conditions. Consistent practice can reward you with stable energy levels throughout the day, quicker recovery, better stress/anxiety responses and many more.

2. How many people can participate in your workshops?

Our workshops are suitable for groups of up to 30 people. Our team consists of up to 4 experienced members and we strive to build a safe connection for each and every participant. Hence, we feel confident with groups between 2-30. If you require a workshop for a larger audience, please contact us

3. Can you travel to our workspace/sports club?

Of course! We’ve been providing our services all over the United Kingdom. Typically we limit travel time to no more than 2 hours drive time to the respective destination. Anything longer would need an overnight stay for our team. We require a 2-hour set-up time and a 1-hour pack-up time.

The space needs to be quiet, temperature controlled (when appropriate) and must have power points and toilet facilities.

In regards to the ice bath, we need a flat space which can accommodate a 10ft diameter pool and participants to gather around. We need an outside water connection and access to allow an ice delivery to be made on site.

4. What health problems restrict my group members from participating?

Our workshops are suitable for everyone but do require a basic level of health. People with cardiovascular issues or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting. In some cases, a 1-2-1 is more appropriate (if approved by a medical professional).

Health forms and personal liability forms must be fully completed and signed before participating. We are fully insured and most of the team are first aid qualified.

5. Are your workshops safe for me if I’m pregnant?

If you are pregnant, we advise against practising the breathwork & cold therapy. Power breathing and an ice bath can significantly increase your adrenaline levels which could affect your and your baby’s health. Post-natal is fine but if you are unsure please feel free to reach out.

6. Are workshops suitable for kids' groups?

We do not provide workshops suitable for kids, however teenagers at 16-18 years can attend (parent/guardian liability forms need to be signed). Our yoga instructor is a recognised expert in running yoga classes for children - please visit to find out more about yoga for kids.

7. Is the ice bath mandatory during your workshops?

We assure a safe and responsible environment to learn and practice the cold exposure, hence you’ll have an opportunity to try cold therapy in guided, safe settings. Both breath work and ice baths are optional and none of our instructors will force you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. Whether you want to skip this part or try ice bath only partially (e.g. legs, hands, arms only), we’ll be happy to assist.

Ice baths occur towards the end of the event. Workshops can be completed by people who have no prior experience with breath work, meditation and cold immersion.

8. How long do workshops last?

Our Boreas Healing Fundamentals for businesses and private hire will be fully customised to your group and needs. Typically, private events last from 3h to 6h, depending on the requirements. Contact us to find out more.

9. Can you do private events at the weekend?

Most definitely! We do private events on weekdays and weekends. Contact us to check our availability.

10. How will it impact my team?

The cold therapy combined with power breathwork is well known for strengthening the immune system, accelerating recovery, building resilience to stress and anxiety and much more. The techniques affect every individual differently. Bear in mind that it takes continuous practice to reap the benefits. Together, we will learn how to incorporate these methods into our personal and professional life.

11. What do we have to bring?

Comfortable clothing, a swimsuit and a towel. We’ll take care of yoga mats, blankets, yoga blocks, refreshments and everything else needed to get the most out of the session.

12. Do we have to prepare before the workshops?

You don’t have to prepare before our workshops but we advise you to gradually introduce lukewarm and cold showers, preferably 1-2 weeks before the course. We also advise eating light and avoiding caffeine before and during our events. More comprehensive information in terms of preparation is sent upon completion of booking.

13. How do I book an event?

To book an event or a discovery call, fill out the enquiry form below. Alternatively, email us at

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